Author: Dover Western Heights Preservation Society

Inside the Drop Redoubt

Put simply, a redoubt is a detached outwork of great strength from which soldiers can fire in any direction, without flanking defences.  The Drop Redoubt is certainly a formidable looking structure even now, with its massive walls, bombproof casemates and the caponiers providing excellent means of defence.  Surrounding the Drop Redoubt is a dry ditch system over which the caponiers would have provided fire against any enemy infiltration. Known as Lines, they served a very similar purpose to mediaeval moats. The East Ditch leads from the Drop Redoubt to the harbour, and on the opposite side of the Redoubt,...

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The Society’s Aim

Our Mission The Western Heights Preservation Society was set up in 2000 with the aim of conserving and preserving the built heritage across Dover’s Western Heights. We are a group of volunteers who work towards this aim through research, clearance work and raising awareness of the Heights. Removal of vegetation is an essential part of our work to protect the brickwork and to ensure that the public are able to continue to walk around parts of the Western Heights. Our Open Days, presentations, guided tours and talks all help the Society to raise public awareness of the Western Heights...

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The Grand Shaft

The Grand Shaft will be open free of charge for the public to visit. It will also be open for an extra weekend in September for the Heritage Weekend, and during the Western Heights Preservation Society’s open weekends. Grand Shaft Opening Times 2016 Sunday 19th June Sunday 17th July Sunday 21st August Saturday 27th August Sunday 28th August Monday 29th August Saturday 17th September Sunday 17th September Sunday 16th October History on the Grand Shaft The Grand Shaft is a unique structure in the Western Heights and a very rare example of a triple spiral staircase in fortifications of...

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Recent Tweets

  • Open Weekend Dates 20-21 May 2017
  • New tour dates added for 2017…
  • Drop Redoubt and Grand Shaft open free today (30th July 2016) from 6pm until 9pm for the Up on the Downs Festival.
  • As part of the Up on the Downs Festival between 6pm and 9pm on the 30th July we will have the Drop Redoubt and Grand Shaft open for FREE.
  • Don't forget to come and say hi at our Summer Open Weekend on July 12th and 13th 2014